Kobi – the lawnmower robot!

What is Kobi? 
Lawn mowing would no longer be a concern. Especially, for the people with a huge backyard. Kobi is a lawn mowing robot with a speed of 2 miles per hour that comes with three different capabilities – mowing your lawn, removing leaves and blowing away the snow.


Being an autonomous robot, it can be controlled right from your smartphone. Through an app, the actions like where to go, when to start, and when to stop can be very well controlled. Moreover, Kobi uses a combination of a high-end GPS and several sensors to achieve inch-level positioning accuracy. Every time, Kobi makes sure that it cuts and mulches the lawn a fraction of an inch, and picks up the leaves before they pile up.

While configuring Kobi for the first time, make sure you set the outside perimeters, fixed obstacles (if any), and also the location to dump the waste.

Being a smart robot, Kobi knows when it snows Through a connected weather forecast. Hence, Kobi removes snow a few inches at a time while it is still falling. This makes Kobi energy efficient and self-managing.

An additional and special feature with Kobi is it’s protected by a pin code and has an efficient anti-theft detection. When there is a possibility of theft, it will emit an ear piercing alarm in addition to a warning message to your connected phone. Later, Kobi will enter into “disable mode,” making it useless for everyone else other than you.

Here comes the catch. You can configure the Kobi as per your requirements and also give your valuable feedback for its better performance improvement.

An important point to remember is that the amount of area it can cover will depend on the activity. It can maintain lawns up to 7 acres, pick up leaves within a 3-acre range and remove snow within 0.37 acres. Currently, they are under test phase.


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